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Armed Security Services

armed securityguardbelt - Armed Security Services

EPS is one of the leading security company protecting clients, homes and businesses. It is a security company that has been licensed and bonded. The Armed Security provides protection for people or businesses. When in need of Armed Security, whether armed officer or off-duty police, our professionals are available 24/7 for prompt response. EPS armed security officers have extensive experience to meet your security needs. Our effective training programs distinguish us from our competitors. The training programs are continuous since we believe such approach provides better service for our clients. Our armed security officers are top notch in their field. They are capable of providing the highest level of security possible. In rendering their services, our security officers present positive and professional image to the public. They are highly visible wherever they are posted.  Their presences deter those who may pose problem to our clients.

Our officers are mature and can handle the responsibilities of armed security. Your safety is our number one priority. EPS has been providing armed security, executive security, off-duty police protection and patrol service since 2012. Our officers can be in uniform or plainclothes. We always hold our ethics and standards high and conduct ourselves accordingly, remembering that we work for you. At EPS, your safety is our business.

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