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Video Surveillance Monitoring Services

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Remote Operations Center
Real time Video Monitoring and remote video surveillance is now available. EPSwill monitor your cameras while you are asleep, on vacation or away from your place of business or property. We stream video from cameras on your property to our Remote Operation Center by high speed internet. Our operational specialists are licensed security officers that have been trained in the field prior to working in our remote operations center.

We have the ability to monitor your existing camera systems and can deploy other optional systems that will deter intruders before they attempt to a commit a crime or cause any property damage; our 24/7 Surveillance systems allows you the peace of mind that our highly trained security specialists are monitoring your assets while you are away. These services are proven to stop theft for construction sites, parking lots, hotels, car dealerships, office buildings, subdivisions, pharmacies, medical clinics and hospitals. Mobile Security Solutions Our state of the art video monitoring software detects any motion and sends a live video image to our licensed security officers from a remote location. Our officers are trained on how to handle any potential threat as if they were observing the intruders on-site. Our integrated system provides the ability to log all video events as back-up and allows our security officers to review potential incidents for communication to the proper authorities. Documented Surveillance we provide several options for you to observe activity on your property or business at anytime. You can access your cameras from anywhere 24/7 from any web-enabled computer with internet access. Documentation provides evidence to law enforcement of any criminal activity that is observed on-site. Highly secure sensitive Operations Security Planning Regulations for Maritime Security, HAZMAT Transporters, and Domestic Security standards have increased since 9/11. Our systems are designed to support Area Maritime Security, Vessels, and Chemical Facilities. We provide security services to a wide variety of domestic and international industries and clients. Many of our industry sectors include terminal, refinery, and production. Reduce Insurance Costs Because of this insurance companies are raising deductibles or in some cases beginning to deny claims made regarding construction site property altogether. Other associated losses that can occur are often due to vandalism, lack of worker productivity, health and safety issues as well as delays in meeting deadlines caused by late deliveries of materials.

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