Professional Security Guards for Your Event

Ensure the Success of Your Event with Top-level Security Services by Eagles Point Security

Eagles Point Security is the number one choice for ensuring the safety and success of your events in California, Texas. We have a strong commitment to excellence and a proven track record of providing exceptional security services.


Professional Security Guards for Your Event

Our expert security guards are trained to take immediate action against crime, monitor designated areas, and deter thefts or break-ins in the parking lots. They also promptly respond to vandalism attempts or car alarms. By employing our trained security personnel, you create a professional and secure impression for your clients and guests.


Comprehensive Event Security Solutions

Our security guards monitor entrance points, manage guest lists, and screen for weapons to protect against potential criminal acts and maintain your company’s reputation. We also facilitate vendors by clearing personnel and products at the gates and assisting with on-site storage needs. Our security guards are highly skilled and experienced, many of whom have a military or law enforcement background. They provide hands-on immediate order and safety during your event.


Expertise in Concert Security

When it comes to concert security, we prioritize the safety of performers, staff, and attendees. Our highly trained security personnel have extensive experience in managing large-scale concerts, including crowd control, emergency response protocols, and risk assessments. Our dedicated team of event security guards and staff ensures a smooth and secure event from start to finish. With meticulous selection and rigorous training, they possess the skills and knowledge to handle any security situation and maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees.


Expertise in Conferences and Crowd Control


Conference Security:

  • Comprehensive security planning and execution for conferences of all sizes.
  • Access control, perimeter security, and protection of sensitive information.
  • Rapid response to any security threats or incidents.

 Crowd Control:


  • Crowd management planning and execution to ensure the safety and comfort of attendees.
  • Traffic control, queue management, and conflict resolution.
  • Effective coordination with event organizers and local authorities.


Trade Show Security Services

Trade shows present optimal occasions to exhibit your brand and establish connections with prospective clients. At Eagles Point Security, we acknowledge the importance of safeguarding your business interests during such events. Our array of trade show security services includes thorough risk evaluations, crowd control tactics, safeguarding of assets, and surveillance of vendors. By entrusting us with the responsibility of maintaining a secure environment, you can dedicate your attention to engaging with potential leads and capitalizing on networking prospects, thereby ensuring the success of your business endeavors.


Unmatched Commitment to Excellence

Eagles Point Security stands out from the competition due to our unmatched commitment to excellence and the exceptional quality of our services. We boast a team of highly trained security professionals with extensive experience in handling diverse events. Our attention to detail, proactive approach to security, and personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs make us the preferred choice for your business’s next event.



  1. What services do event security personnel provide?

Answer: The duties and responsibilities of event security personnel include crowd management and control, access control and perimeter security, baggage and personal belongings screening, VIP protection and escort services, emergency response and evacuation planning, conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques, surveillance and risk assessments, and collaborating with event organizers, staff, and local authorities to ensure a safe environment.


2.   How do Eagles Point Security guards ensure the safety of large events?

Answer: Our highly trained security personnel work closely with event organizers to conduct thorough risk assessments and develop comprehensive security plans. They are equipped to handle crowd control, emergency response protocols, and risk assessments. Our security guards undergo extensive training in fire safety, emergency preparedness, drug awareness, and first aid to efficiently manage emergency situations and ensure the safety of all attendees.

Why Choose Eagles Point Security?

  1. Unmatched Expertise:

Our team consists of highly trained security professionals with years of experience in conference and crowd control.

We understand the unique challenges posed by large gatherings and are well-equipped to handle them with precision and skill.

  1. Tailored Solutions:

We believe in a one-size-fits-none approach. Each event is different, and we create customized security plans that address your specific needs and concerns.

Our security strategies are designed to seamlessly integrate with the flow and nature of your event while ensuring safety remains paramount.

  1. State-of-the-Art Technology:

Eagles Point Security stays at the forefront of security technology. We employ the latest tools and systems to enhance our capabilities and provide real-time monitoring and response.

Our use of advanced surveillance, communication, and access control systems ensures the highest level of security.

  1. Trained and Professional Staff:

Our security personnel undergo rigorous training programs to handle a wide range of scenarios.

They are trained in conflict resolution, emergency response, and customer service to maintain a safe and welcoming atmosphere at your event.

  1. Crowd Management Expertise:

We specialize in crowd control techniques, including crowd flow management, line management, and de-escalation strategies.

Our goal is to create a secure and orderly environment for attendees, minimizing the risk of incidents.

  1. 24/7 Support:

Eagles Point Security provides round-the-clock support and can adapt to changing circumstances or unforeseen challenges at any time.

Our responsive team ensures that your event remains secure from start to finish.

  1. Collaborative Approach:

We work closely with event organizers, venue staff, and local authorities to ensure a coordinated and effective security presence.

This collaborative approach helps us maintain a seamless security operation.



In conclusion, when it comes to event security in Southern California, Eagles Point Security is the


trusted partner you can rely on. Our expert security guards, comprehensive solutions, and unmatched commitment to excellence ensure the safety and success of your events. With a proven track record and a team of highly trained professionals, we provide tailored security services that meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your event security requirements and experience the difference.


Industries We help

Construction Sites Security Guards

We are one of the leaders in commercial security services for all California. EPS knows the importance of keeping your business safe.

Shopping Center & Retail Security

It’s crucial to keep your business safe and free from burglaries, vandalism and personal attacks.

Residential Security

Whether providing limited access control at entry gates or facilitating first-response procedures to assist emergency personnel.

Industrial Security

EPS industrial security division has been protecting industrial environments since 2012. 

Schools Security Guards

Ensuring Safety, Fostering Education:
Expert Security Guard Services for Schools and Educational Institutions

Hospitals & Urgent Care Security Guards

Guarding the Frontlines of Healthcare: Specialized Security Solutions for Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers Ensuring a Safe Environment for Patients, Staff, and Visitors.

Hotels Security Guards

Elevate Guest Experience with Our Expert Hotel Security Guards
Safety and Luxury Hand-in-Hand: Ensuring a Peaceful Stay for Your Guests

Transportation & Logistics Security Guards

Securing Every Mile: Specialized Security Services for Transportation and Logistics
Keeping Your Assets and Operations Safe: Expert Security Guards for a Smooth Supply Chain.

Our Services

At Eagles Point Security, we take pride in providing you with peace of mind. We provide a wide array of security services and will always work to fit your needs.

Unarmed Security

EPS guards are experts in offering security services. They have passed through extensive background checks and have been thoroughly trained. They are available 24/7 to offer,..

Armed Security

EPS is one of the leading security company protecting clients, homes and businesses. It is a security company that has been licensed and bonded. Armed Security provides,..

Mobile Patrol

EPS is one of the largest and most trusted security patrol company, locally owned and operated since 2012. We provide immediate response to your calls for,..


Remote Operations Center
Real time Video Monitoring and remote video surveillance is now available. EPSwill monitor your cameras while you are asleep,..

Crowd Control

Mastering the Dynamics: Expert Crowd Control for Safe and Organized Events
Your Safety, Our Priority: Professional Crowd Management Solutions
Streamlining the Masses: Effective Crowd Control Strategies for Any Scale

Events Security

Managing the Unpredictable: Specialized Crowd Control Security Guards for a Seamless Experience
Trained to Handle Complexity: Our Security Guards Ensure Safety While Facilitating Smooth Event Flow
Expertise in Action: Providing Skilled Crowd Control Security Guards for Public Events, Concerts, and Gatherings

Camera Surveillance Systems

Always Watching, Always Secure: State-of-the-Art Camera Surveillance Systems for Ultimate Peace of Mind
Cutting-Edge Technology for 24/7 Monitoring: Advanced Camera Systems You Can Rely On.

Private Parking Guards

Your Spot, Secured: Professional Private Parking Guards for Safe and Efficient Lots
Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind: Our Guards Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Private Parking Spaces
Efficient and Trustworthy: Private Parking Guards Trained to Manage and Protect Your Valuable Real Estate.

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Eagles Point Security has been named one of the Fastest Growing Security Service Companies in Southern California from 2017-2018 with growth rate of +300%.
We have grown every year since.

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